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7 simple ways to detox your body

25/07/2016 | 08:19 - Body detoxification

There are many simple methods to detox, but not as complex as you think. You can use the available food in your kitchens to detoxify at home.

The main purpose of the detoxification is to purify, get rid of toxins out of your body. When you control the amount of toxins and can remove them out of the body that means you can own glowing skin, good immune system and burn excess fat.


Not only detoxify your body but also help your mood, your emotions more positive. You will have less common skin problems such as dermatitis, dry skin, skin erupt.

You can refer to some simple ways to detoxify below:

1/        Lemon:


Every morning drink a glass of warm water, add a few drops of lemon juice that support digestion and help detoxify the body.

Moreover, you can soak lemon slices in a bottle of water and drink all day.

2/        Ginger:


Ginger is important herb in the kitchen, and it has many healing effects.

Many people still think that ginger can cause pimples, rashes. However, if you use properly, it would no matter.

You can shred ginger and mix it with 500ml of warm water. It not only helps purify the body but also supplies a number of important vitamins for your body.

3/        Turmeric:


Not only can turmeric enhance and improve your health, but it can also help you do feel better and operate better in the process.

Turmeric is capable of antioxidant, antibacterial, prevent viruses and mildew. You can mix warm water with a little turmeric powder and drink it in the morning.

4/        Cayenne pepper:

cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper will really help you get rid of toxins out of your body.

Besides, it can cleanse the digestive tract and promote elimination.

5/        Green tea:

green tea

Green tea always has been first choice in the detoxification and weight loss.

Moreover, green tea also has antioxidant effects, slow down the aging process, control blood sugar levels and improve the body's resistance.

6/        Apple cider vinegar:

apple cider vinegar

Few people know that apple cider vinegar can detox your body extremely efficient.

It contains minerals, enzymes and amino acids that are beneficial to health.

In addition, it also can bring a fresh breath.

Just mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a glass of warm water and drink it at breakfast, you can improve your health.

7/        Warm water:

warm water

The last method of detoxification is simple but most effective. It is for those busy girls that detox with warm water.

Drink 4 -5 glasses of warm water per.

Done it regularly and feel the difference in your health and skin.

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*** Good luck ***

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