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When to detox your body

21/07/2016 | 09:11 - Body detoxification

When you feel uneasy, tired or constipation is the time to pay attention to detoxify the body.

                                       7 signs you need to detox your body immediately:

1/        Constipation:

If you’re not pooping in 3 days or more than, you’re more likely to be constipated.

Long-term constipation will make substances accumulate in your body and then produce toxins.

Symptoms are irritability, bad breath which reduce the body functions and resistance.


2/        Obesity:

Obesity is a disease caused by excess nutrients, or consuming too much fat in the long time.

Even if you supply foods high in calories, toxins will be "nourished" that lead to obesity.

When you are obese, you will be faced to the disadvantages such as: weakness, hard moving, asthma, sweating, back pain, joint pain and other symptoms ...


3/        Melasma:

Changing hormones, using contraceptive pill in a long time, having a liver, cancer, chronic alcoholism, sunlight are the causes of melasma.

Everyone is hoping that melasma will automatically disappear. But not, whenever you see melasma appear, you should detoxify your body immediately.


4/        Acne:

Acne is caused by chronic folliculitis and sebaceous glands.

Additionally, lacking of micronutrient, stress, diet high in fat or carbohydrates also cause acne.

So, we need to pay more attention to the elimination of toxins to own a beautiful skin.    


5/        Bad breath:

All the foods are broken down in your mouth. In addition, you eat foods with strong odor, such as: garlic, onions, green onions. When foods deposit in the body a long time, they can create toxins and bad breath.

These toxins can be from lung, spleen or stomach caused.                      

Eat spicy food or overeating, fatigue, dental diseases such as mouth ulcers, tooth decay, and digestive system diseases also can cause bad breath.

bad breath

6/        Itchy skin:

External stimuli, stress, endocrine disorders will make skin be weak from that cause itching.

Chronic gastritis caused by eating without control, weak spleen and stomach caused by excessive work and a variety of chronic inflammation of stomach create toxins, cause itchy skin.

itchy skin

7/        Duodenum:

Medication, diet, spicy food, alcoholism or other toxins brought from outside into the body can cause duodenum.

   ==> Detoxing brings balance back and helps your systems function properly again.

   ==> Remember to detox your body when you see one of above signs.

*** Good luck ***

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